Old Gas Stations—The Recycled, The Vacant, The Falling Apart

In my meanderings around the US I have sought out old gas stations.  Many are


Pizza shops are a popular reuse of old gas stations.

being used by other businesses–auto repair is a popular repurposing, but they run the gamut from thrift stores to funeral homes.  Others are vacant but still reusable.  And some are just plain falling apart.

Each was once a place where our automobile culture stopped for its fossil-fuel fix, maybe just a few years ago or maybe decades ago.  They are all over the place, easy to spot once one starts looking.  Just look for the overhang, the columns and evidence of the concrete pump ‘island.’


This vine-draped sign stands forlornly alone along rural US 11 near the Susquahanna River south of Berwick, PA.  It is all that is left of the gas station it once marked.

I have found several really old structures—they are the small, one-story postage-stamp buildings with overhang and two columns—and a lot of more ‘modern’ ones.  I know that if I had started doing this decades earlier I would be seeing many more of the classic ones.  Road widenings have eliminated many and others have been lost to commercial development in even the smallest towns.

I can almost feel the ghosts of old gas stations under the McDonalds, Ruby Tuesdays and Quality Inns as I travel the back roads, now often four lanes.  The place to ferret out the gems is usually the old two-lanes, the older sections of small towns, and the ignored sections on the ‘wrong’ side of town.  If the big money isn’t there for development, the old buildings get reused, that’s the reality.

Here are some of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy them.  (All photos by Ron Haines, all rights reserved)

Republic, MO.  Today this classic structure is an architect’s office.  It was a beauty salon previously and before that of course a gas station.

Smithfield, UT.  A Farmers Insurance Company office.IMG_7111c

Abingdon, VA. Kitchen Cabinets and Design.IMG_6104c

Delhart, TX.  Fringe Salon.IMG_7904c

Delray Beach, FL.  Cigar Bar.IMG_8495c

Mcveytown, PA.  Gritwell Leather Goods.IMG_9146c

Cottonwood, AZ.  R.I.O.T., a restaurant and gathering place.IMG_7526c

Afton, OK.  A self-described, Route 66 “tourist trap.”

Thermopolis, WY.  This well-kept, classic station needs an occupant.IMG_6798c

Clayton, GA. Harry Norman Realty, a real beauty!IMG_8949c

Charlottte NC. Fuel Pizza Cafe.IMG_1782c

Holbrook, AZ.  A rock shop.IMG_7591c

Wytheville, VA. Hickory House BBQ.IMG_9022c

Georgetown, SC.  Auto Title Loans.img_0162c

Diamond, MO.  This former station is being used as a residence.IMG_8033c

West Palm Beach, FL.  This well maintained classic is now a window shop.IMG_1204c

Winslow, AZ.  Smoke Shop.IMG_7540c

Dade City, FL.  Bonita Flower shop.IMG_3329c

Wilmington, NC.  This one is down to its bare bones, hopefully to be repurposed.img_0117c

Denver, CO.  A fast-food shop aptly named Snarf’s.IMG_7259c

Johnson Village, CO.  Station 24 Café.IMG_7253c

Seffner, FL.  This one’s for sale.IMG_8679c

Cheraw SC. Auto Money Title Loans.IMG_2293c

Guymon, OK.  There’s a restaurant theme going on here.  These two are across the street from each other.IMG_7911cIMG_7909c

Moab, UT.  A jeep rental business.IMG_7164c

Farmington, MO.  Hair We Go salon.IMG_8064cIMG_8058c

Harrisburg, IL.  Lee’s Heating and Air Conditioning.IMG_8218c

Bartow, FL.  Sara’s Flowers.

Georgetown, TX.  This terrific corner structure is now a realty office.Keller Williams Real Estate Georgetown, TX

Cheraw SC. Property Empire Real Estate.IMG_2304c

Deadwood, SD.  A glass blowing studio and café.IMG_6567c

Cheriton, VA. Barrier Islands Salt Company.img_0057c

Negaunee, MI.  This tiny corner station is now a sandwich shop.IMG_6278c

Roswell, NM.  The town’s visitors’ center.IMG_7734c

Murphreesboro, IL.  Martels PizzaIMG_8205c

Holbrook, AZ.  Volkswagenwerks auto shop.IMG_7584c

Westfield, MA.  Gorilla Vapes.IMG_6060c

Marysville, UT.  The Prospector Café.IMG_9899c

Yemassee, SC. Carolina Cider Company.img_0211c

Villa Grove, CO.  A well maintained station ready for occupancy.IMG_7242c

Charlotte, NC.  Pizza Peel restaurant.IMG_1767c

Coarsegold, CA.  The Carving Station woodworking shop.IMG_8951c

Madison, IN.  A Jackson Hewitt tax preparation office.IMG_8307c

Sturgis, SD.  I like the outhouses built where the pumps used to be.IMG_6578c

Portales, NM. This one was once renovated to give it the adobe look, but is now vacant.IMG_7869c

Littleton, CO.  The Grande Station Bistro, including a photo of it as a gas station.

Woodward, OK.  The downtown’s booster office uses this classic A-frame corner station.  Note that one can still see where the “P,’ standing for Phillips Petroleum, was mounted on the chimney.

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. These rusted remains are all that’s left of an old gas station along the Trans-Canada Highway. 

Livingstone, MT.  Breezy Tree Floral and Gifts makes nice use of this old station, which is located on the edge of a residential area.IMG_6982c

Kenna, NM.  A portion of this sprawling  former station in a rural part of the state is used as a Post Office.IMG_7847c

Perry, OK.  A real estate and property management office.IMG_7968c

Blackfoot, ID.  This small A-frame is just waiting to be put to good use.IMG_7092c

Del Norte, CO.  This nice stone classic makes a great residence.IMG_7230c

Salt Lake City, UT.  American Title Loans.IMG_5527c

Gallup, NM.  Package liquor store.IMG_7599c

Cumberland, MD.  The Downtown Dollar flower shop.  Unfortunately I happened by the week before the grand opening so I missed the massive colorful display.IMG_1859c

Chocowinnity, NC. Custom Upholstery.img_0090c

Aberdeen, SD.  Anthony Jewelers.IMG_6435c

Littleton, CO.  ARC Donation Station.

Rapid City, SD.  Armadillo’s Restaurant.IMG_6595c

Blacksburg, SC.  A livestock feed supply store.IMG_1754c

Huntingburg, IN.  The Atomic Bombshell Beauty Parlour.IMG_8276c

Woodward, OK.  An auto accessories shop fills this classic building nicely.IMG_7914c

Peach Springs, AZ.  This beauty was vacant when I passed by, but it has so much potential I had to stop and photograph it.IMG_9087c

Paoli, IN.  A bail bonds office.IMG_8295c

Gaffney, SC.  Sheryl C. Bland, Attorney at Law.IMG_1737c

Boonville, IN.  This tiny former gas station is now a barber shop.IMG_8243c

Ashland, WI.  The Bay Area Pawn Shop.IMG_6302c

Milan, NM.  This one is now a bicycle shop.IMG_7619c

Cottonwood, AZ.  Bing’s Burger Station.IMG_7534c

Perry, OK.  The appropriately-painted Blue second-hand store.IMG_7961c

Newcastle, WY.  Boot, shoe and clothing repair shop.IMG_6706c

Roswell, NM.  This classic in the downtown area is currently vacant.IMG_7751c

Huntingburg, IN.  This great old station is a Township trustee’s office.IMG_8278c

Portales, NM.  Another Farmers Insurance Company office.IMG_7863c

Afton, OK.  This old stone station is vacant.IMG_7998c

Aztec, NM. Finish Line Graphics.IMG_7451c

Moore Haven, FL.  The motto of Café Twenty-Seven  is ‘Fill Up For The Road Ahead.’

Fitchburg, MA.  A unique corner design.IMG_9087c

St. Petersburg, FL.   The Queens Head bar.  Included is a ‘before’ photo, courtesy of the owner.

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Reedsburg, WI.  Repurposed as the Blue Cherry Art Gallery and Studio.IMG_5083c

Berwick, PA.  This vacant classic is on a corner and would make a nice house in the downtown area.IMG_1910c

Dade City, FL.  This handsome classic design is being used as a residence.IMG_0819c

Paris, KY.  This old A-roof design is now a residence.IMG_3892c

Goshen, IN.  This station is now home to a Verizon store.IMG_5252c

Kankakee, IL.  A nicely-kept classic, this one’s vacant, just waiting for a business to move in.IMG_5261c

Lakeland, FL.  A Starbucks has occupied this old gas station since at least 2011.IMG_0882c

North Haven, CT.  A Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation Center.IMG_6025c

Williston, FL.  This old classic is a private residence.IMG_2077c

Waverly, TN.  At the least, this one could be repurposed as a haunted house every Halloween.IMG_2344c

Egypt, KY.  An interesting two-story one in need of a bit of TLC.IMG_3914c

Enfield, IL.  This nice two-story is a private residence.IMG_5312c

Vermontville, MI.  A tire shop uses this old station nicely.IMG_5228c

Cowan, TN.  This restored Texaco classic is now the town’s welcome center, complete with a couple antique vehicles inside and mannequins staged in historical scenes.


Bostonia, PA.  This old station is now an ice cream stop, Sweet Delights.IMG_3791c

Williston, FL.  The Angelina Mia pizza restaurant occupies this nice station.IMG_2069c

Madisonville, KY.  A spa has recycled this former gas station.

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Owensboro, KY.  A furniture store occupies this roomy old station.IMG_4294c

Pacadah, KY.  Precision Tinting.IMG_5429c

Williston, FL. This well-kept station makes a nice pre-school location.IMG_2046c

Rochester, IN.  Pizza King uses this corner building nicely.IMG_5258c

Earlington, KY.  Pizza Express.IMG_4273c

Lakeland, FL.  A Krispy Kreme outlet makes nice use of this station.IMG_0885cc

Paris, IL.  This classic box style now houses Paris Upholstery.IMG_4254c

Lomax, IL.  Painted Corners, a café, makes nice use of this beautiful structure.IMG_4546c

Archer, FL.  This oldie houses a plumbing company.

Easton, IL.  This classic narrow station with an added-on garage in a residential section of town appears to be someone’s very nice mancave.

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Ocala, FL.  Old stations are becoming popular with cell phone companies.IMG_2032c

Kenton, OH.  This futuristically-styled beauty is now The Linen Closet.IMG_3814c

Kenton, OH.  A second nicely reused station in Kenton,  Lady O’s gift shop makes fabulous use of this great oldie. 

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Englewood, TN.  The roof is all that’s left of this one.IMG_4080c

Hernando, FL.  This one’s become the Burger Station, complete with lots of outdoor seating.IMG_2097c

New Holland, IL.  Private residence.IMG_4533c

Beaufort, SC. Upper Room Cafe.img_0259c

Louisville, IL.  A heating and appliance company is using this building, which appears to be a classic style station with some add-ons.IMG_5305c

Sewanee, TN.  This rambling structure houses a gift shop, laundry and café.IMG_4191c

Fincastle, OH.  I love the way the pumps have become mail boxes for this insurance company office.IMG_3861c

Mount Victory, OH.  This classic looks like it’s been used as an outdoor flea market or produce stand at time.  It needs repair quick or it will soon be gone.IMG_3821c

Kankakee, IL.  This sweet, nicely-maintained corner station is home to EJAB Property Management.  I love the way the plants on the old pump islands pay homage to its history.IMG_5279c

Little Falls, MN.  Small and old, with the old-fashioned pumps, but still operating.  Unfortunately I happened by on a Saturday and it was closed.  Crowder’s is open Monday through Friday, 6 to 5.

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New Lisbon, WI.  Clark’s Gunsmithing.IMG_5073c

Chattanooga, TN. This classic is now the Chattanooga Coffee Co.IMG_4101c

Rockport, IN.  Brick Oven Pizza.IMG_4395c

Maryville, TN.  Another well-kept station converted to auto and truck parts.IMG_4068c

Sandale, IN.  BJ’s Pizza shop.IMG_4398c.jpg

Toledo, IA.  An odd combination of businesses here, a barber shop and a realty office.

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Dickson, TN.  This great corner station is now Back Alley Barbecue.

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Red Wing, MN.  This well-kept former gas station is a handsome auto repair shop now.IMG_4736C

Pineville, KY.  Artcraft, a signage and graphics company.IMG_3922C

Mount Victory, OH.  A residence.IMG_3825C

Paris, IL.  Adams Memorials.IMG_4501c

Vermontville, MI.  Ace Auto Repair.IMG_5222c

West Taghkanic, NY.  Stylistically this is the most unique station I have ever seen.  It’s empty now, waiting for some tender loving care.IMG_6724c

Broad Brook, CT.  I think this is the smallest station I have found so far.  Behind it is a larger building that was used for auto repairs.  A reader later sent me a note that this is a prefab pump attendant’s building and that the building behind it was the business’ repair facility.   He offered two photos, one of the station in the early days and the other of it in later years.IMG_3566c

Manchester, CT.  This is the second monument company I’ve found in this area that’s using an old gas station.  The other is in West Hartford.

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Dade City, FL.  Right downtown, this old station is now the Garden Café.IMG_2567c

Okeechobee, FL.  Now the home of Pat’s Floral Design.img_1545c

Walden, NY.  This beauty is now a State Farm insurance office.img_9030c

Moriarity, NM.  This vacant station looks like it’s had a lot of uses in the past.IMG_7702c

Hartford, CT.  McGovern Granite Company has done a great job of recycling this classic building.

Corning, CA.  Bartels Giant Burger.img_8419c

Mount Shasta, CA.  The perfect town for a new age gem and jewelry shop.

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Eugene, OR.  Chiropractic practice in a classic station in an older part of town.

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Port Orford, OR.   Note the waves painted above the windows of the Sea Breeze Florist shop.img_8290c

Sullivan, IL.  A stylish old station just waiting for the right reuse. IMG_4529c

Point Arena, CA. The Outback Garden and Feed store occupies this former station.img_8070c

Ozark, AL.  This old beauty is now Dale Florist and Gifts.img_9689c

Elk, CA.  There are two businesses in this recycled station–an auto repair shop and a café.

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Rio Del, CA.  This old station is now a very colorful woodworking and gift shop.img_8188c

Mill Valley, CA.  Now a clothing store.

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Ozark, AL. This classic is now a clothing boutique.img_9704c

Geff, IL.  This one will be falling down soon if someone doesn’t make use of it.IMG_5309c

Tomello, CA. This bakery used to be a corner gas station.  The pump area makes a nice outdoor seating spot.img_8017c

Athol, MA.  This box-style former station is looking for a new business occupant.IMG_6583c

Ashford, CT. The paint job on this up-for-sale building certainly draws attention to it.IMG_6093c

Putnam, CT.  CrossFit 860 is a nice use of this old station, especially when the weather’s good.

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West Palm Beach, FL.  A well-maintained vacant station just waiting for a new occupant.IMG_2110cc

Luverne, AL.  ReImagined, a shop in a recycled gas station selling recycled things, a perfect combination

Otter Creek, FL.  U.S. Post OfficeIMG_2310c

Nashville, GA.  The Perfect Pear clothing shop

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DeFuniak Springs, FL.  Afterglow SalonIMG_3006c

Brantley, AL.  Papa’s, a fruit and ice cream shopIMG_2992c

Dahlonega, GA. Smokin’ Gold BBQIMG_2940c

DeFuniak Springs, FL.  Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center

Evergreen, AL. This fabulous corner station is home to Triple J lawnmower and tractor company.img_9655c

Perry, FL.  Super Wash laundromatIMG_3019c

Anniston, AL.  This classic building is just waiting for someone to recycle itIMG_2948c

Tuscaloosa, AL.  Royal Fine CleanersIMG_2956c

Chiefland, FL.  The Deer Camp, a deer hunting supply storeIMG_3027c

Hollywood, FL.  Joe’s Old School PizzaIMG_2452c

Hudson, NY.  The OR coffee house/bar on South Third StreetIMG_0924c

Webster, FL.  A wholesale fashion store.  This building was also used as a bank at one point.IMG_3340c

Georgetown, TX.   Texas Car Title and Payday Loan occupies this beautiful former gas station

Anson, TX.  This beauty is home to Bennett Construction

Hawley, TX.  Pathfinders, computer repair and other technical services

Bloomfield, CT. The Filling Station restaurant

Clarendon, TX. Wallace Monument Company

Lamar, CO. Lucy’s Tacos

Stratford, TX.  A classic Phillips company ‘cottage’ style station

Clarendon, TX.  Another classic along the lines of the one above
Edna, TX. China Wok restaurant
Los Alamos, CA. Bob’s Well Bread Bakery

Guthrie, TX.  This classic won’t be around for long, unfortunately.

Fort Hunter, PA.  This beautiful building was a former Gulf station

Muir, PA.  The overhang of an old gas stations is always a good place for sheltered seating

Goldthwaite, TX.  Hanging on a wall inside the Mills County EMS station is a photo of the building in its former life as a Texaco outlet.

Houston, TX. International Bonding bail bonds business

McGehee, AR. Hoots BBQ

Mottville, MI.  Residence

Los Alamos, CA. The Station Restaurant

Ogden, IA.  This classic Standard Oil station is home to the Ogden Veterinary Clinic

Rich Creek, VA.  Here’s one in the midst of a renovation.IMG_9062c

Prescott, AR. Exquisite Stylz beauty salon

Natchitoches, LA. Fat Daddy’s Crawfish

Lakeside Park, KY.  This classic has become Quality Window Tinting

Jackson, TN.  The trees have become the pumps at this Master Kutts hair salon.

Eden, MS.  The trees are taking over the pumps at this unused station

Huntingdon, TN.  Law offices.

Gonzalez, TX. Matamoros Taco Hut

Minden, LA.  This structure houses Say Baby ladies’ fashions.

Lorain, OH. D’Tutanelli’s Restaurant

Magnolia, AR.  Formerly the gas station part of a Studebaker dealership, this building was also a paint store for a time and has been an antique shop since 2001.IMG_1598c

Clayton, GA.  There are two businesses in this nice oldie, Salon 259 and the Apple Blossom Flower Shoppe.IMG_8969c

Aptos, CA. Smiley’s Sports Car Performance

Sturgis, MI. This old Standard Oil station is now home to the Chamber of Commerce, and, on Saturdays, the farmers’ market.

West of Cedar Rapids, IA.  I was a little too late to get a photo of this one.West of Cedar Rapids, IA

White Pigeon, MI. Poor Boys Pizza and SubsWhite Pigeon, MI

Geneva, OH.  Chris’ Mobil Memorabelia

Annawan, IL.  Once a filling station, this is now The Styling Station SalonThe Styling StationAnnawan, IL

Grand Junction, IA.  This restored and still functioning station once served IMG_0132houtfolks traveling the original Lincoln Highway.  The inset shows then-owners Lowell and Karl Martin in the 1950’s.

Taylor, NE.  This beauty is now the town’s visitors’ center

Cedar Rapids, IA. Within a stone’s throw of each other, these beauty salons were once competing gas stations

Lucedale, Mississippi.  The Latest Style beauty salonThe Latest Style Beauty Salon Lucedale, MS CR: Ron Haines

Central City, PA.  This one is now a Subway.IMG_9139c

St. Genevieve, Missouri. Cody Tees, T-shirts and more.
Cody T-shirts St. Genevieve, MO CR: Ron Haines

Indiantown, FL.  A T-Mobile outlet.IMG_8603c

Paxton, Ilinois.  Randy’s Cycle and Quick LubeRandy's Cycle and Quick Lube Paxton, IL CR: Ron Haines

Northport, Maine. Home of the Saturday Cove Gallery.Saturdaycove.com Northport, ME

Delray Beach, Florida.  Phyllis G’s Enigma bistro.Enigma 2 Delray Beach, FL

Thawville, Illinois.  Two of the four corners of this rural intersection were occupied, one by an old house and the other by this interesting specimen, once surrounded by a parking lot and now by trees.

Dahlgren, Virginia.  Last Chance Tobacco, just before the Maryland state line and its apparently higher tobacco taxes.Last Chance Tobacco (before MD and higher taxes apparently) Dahlgren, VA

North Fort Myers, FL. Anna’s Produce and Groceries.

New Hartford, Connecticut.  Time Was Garage.  It even has a Facebook page. IMG_1897cc

Shipley, Florida.  Dove Palace Cafe

Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  Mouse Trap Tattoos and PiercingsMouse Trap Tattoos & PiercingsMt. Vernon, OHCR: Ron Haines

Morely, Michigan.  Morley General StoreMorely General Store Morely, MI CR: Ron Haines

Marianna, Arkansas.  Law office.

Natchez, Mississippi.  Pumping to Please Soul FoodPumping to Please Soul Food Route 61 north of Natchez, MS CR: Ron Haines

Westville, Florida. An interesting two-story version, one of several I found.Westville, FL two-story CR: Ron Haines

Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina. Inlet Convenience and Fishing Supplies
Inlet Convenience and Fishing Supplies Murrell's Inlet, SC

Kentwood, Louisiana.  Once fiercely competitive, these neighboring stations now sit empty.two vacant Kentwood, LA CR: Ron Haines

Chocorua, New Hampshire.  This old station houses Resurrected Rovers, a Land Rover restoration business.

Lucedale, Mississippi.  Goobers Laundromat.  As with many others, the center island where the pumps once stood is now a place to plant things.Goober's Laundromat Lucedale, MS CR: Ron Haines

South Bend, Indiana.  Fuel seems priceless here.Rt. 31, south of South Bend, IN CR: Ron Haines

White Pine, Tennessee.  White Pine Automotive DetailWhite Pine Automotive Detail White Pine, TN

Dwight, Illinois. This restored station on old Route 66  is now the visitor center for the town.

Edgewood, Illinois  The curved roof caught my eye.curved roof Edgewood, IL CR: Ron Haines

Arjay, Kentucky.  Not much left of this one.Arjay, KY CR: Ron Haines

Wilmer, Alabama.  Too nice to pass up.  A bakery or something should move in here.Brick front, well kept Wilmer, AL CR: Ron Haines

Holcomb, Mississippi. Fabulous Finds Antiques
Fabulous Finds Antiques Holcomb, MS CR: Ron Haines

Tuckasegee, North Carolina.  Recycled Fashions store.

Cleveland, Georgia.  Cleve’s Place.  Note the cheap gas!

Hanover Courthouse, Virginia.  Two Frogs On a Bike antique store.

Conway, New Hampshire.  Maggio Hair Salon

Washington, North Carolina.  A classic structure just waiting for a tenant.Washington, NC

Melville, New Jersey. An urban two-story.Melville, NJ

Brinkley, Arkansas.  I fell in love with this one.  It’s nestled in a nice residential area.  A note on the door showed it is used occasionally by a civic group.IMG_0318cc

Tolono, Illinois.  An oddly-configured two story.Tolono, IL CR: Ron Haines

Newark, Ohio.  The Print ShopThe Print Shop Newark, OH CR: Ron Haines

Forrest City, Arkansas.  By day this former gas station is a beauty salon, but come evening it’s a mobile barbecue restaurant.

Rosedale, Mississippi.  Little Bethany Taco Stand.Little Bethany Taco Stand Route 1 north of Rosedale, MS CR: Ron Haines

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.  Police sub-station.Police sub-station Henena-West Helena AR CR: Ron Haines

Bellville, Ohio.  Belleville Pizza.  Note the benches in the space where the pumps used to be.Bellville Pizza Bellville, OH CR: Ron Haines

Avawam, Kentucky.  Family Fun Game Room.  The pumps are still there, but there’s no gas!

Gainesville, Florida.  Mr. GoodbikeMr. Goodbike Gainesville, FL

Moncks Corner, South Carolina.  Glamour Cuts.  Potted plants where the pumps once stood.Glamour Cuts Moncks Corner, SC (note plants)

Coles, Mississippi.  A bit run down but still friendly looking.  I love the seating.Coles, MS CR: Ron Haines

Bogalusa, Louisiana.  Touch of Class auto detailing.  The building itself could use a bit of detailing.Touch of Class Auto Detailing Bogalusa, LA CR: Ron Haines

Jacksonboro, South Carolina.  The Ace Basin Crafters & Artisans Emporium looked much like an average second-hand store.

Port Gibson, Mississippi.  Those overhangs do make good carports.Port Gibson, MS CR: Ron Haines

Bald Knob, Arkansas.  Bald Knob Fire Department.Bald Knob Fire Department Bald Knob, AR CR: Ron HainesFisk, Missouri.  Larry’s Barber Shop.Larry's Barber Shop Fisk, MO CR: Ron Haines

Sigel, Illinois.  Clean and well-kept, all ready for the next occupant.Sigel, IL CR: Ron Haines

St. Geneieve, Missouri. Another classic.  When I first saw this one it was serving as a great boat shelter.  Several years later it had been fixed up and was the office of a local non-profit transportation company.St. Genevieve, MO CR: Ron HainesIMG_8071c

Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Muffler and Hitch.Muffler & Hitch Kalamazoo, MI CR: Ron Haines

Middlesboro, Kentucky.  Bud’s Butcher Block

Bean Station, Tennessee.  A dollar twenty-nine or twenty-nine, take your pick.

Franklin, North Carolina. Another well-kept old station ready for occupancy.Former restaurant Franklin, NC

Dillard, Georgia.  James Farms ProduceJames Farms Dillard, GA
McRae, Georgia. Vincent R. Drummer Funeral Home

Micanopy, Florida.  Tractor and farm implement sales.Tractor sales Micanopy, FL

Lake Worth, Florida.  Guarantee Floridan Pest Control.Guarantee Floridan Pest Control Lake Worth, FL

Stockton Springs, Maine.  A one-time Christmas supply store now awaiting another occupant.Old Christmas store Stockton Springs, ME

Skippers, Virginia.  New Jerusalem Baptist ChurchNew Jerusalem Baptist Church Skippers, VA
Whitakers, North Carolina.  Double duty as Pierce’s Garage and Betty’s Gifts and Flowers.Pierce's Garage Betty's Gifts and Flowers Whitakers, NC

Hanover Courthouse, Virgina.  Chandler’s Antiques.  Note the merchandise display use of the gas pump island.Chandler's Antiques Hanover Courthouse, VA

Lake City, South Carolina.  True Word of Faith Worship Center.

Bowling Green, Virginia.  Bowling Green Auto Care.

Sherwood, Arkansas.   This distinctive ’round top’ station, built in 1936, is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was featured in “The Last Ride,” a film about Hank Williams, Sr., directed by Arkansas native Harry Thomasson.IMG_0336cc
Dillard, Georgia. Franklin Gemstone and Jewelry Warehouse.Franklin Gemstone and Jewelry Warehouse Dillard, GA

Little Rock, Arkansas. This restored station is part of a National Historic Site that includes Little Rock High School.IMG_0331cc

Woodbine, Georgia.  A magnificent two-story exampleWoodbine, GA

Cleveland, Mississippi.  Restored station at historic Dockery Farms, which claims to be the birthplace of the Blues.

St. Stephen, South Carolina.  This one puts on a good front.St. Stephen, SC

Kingsland, Georgia.  Too classic to pass up.Kingsland, GA

Dahlgren, Virginia.  Crazy Cajun BBQ.Crazy Cajun BBQ Dahlgren, VA

Bel Alton, Maryland.  Thrift store.Thrift Store Bel Alton, MD

Milford, Delaware.  Small Engine Repair.Small Engine Repair Milford, DE

Wilmer, North Carolina.  Seafood store.Seafood Wilmer, NC

Keenansville, Florida.  The Red Gator turned the gas pump platform into a hitching post.Red GatorKeenansville, FL

Flamingo Park, Florida.  This pump island at the Flamingo Park Food and Deli is a tree island.Flamingo Park Food and Deli Flamingo Park, FL

Social Circle, Georgia.  The pump area at Metro Muffler has become an outdoor lounge.Metro Muffler Social Circle, GA

Lake Worth, FL.  The Dixie Saw and Knife building is a classic old design.Dixie Saw and Knife Lake Worth, FL

Russell, AR.  Another stone classic, this one still has the pumps outside.stone Russell AR CR: Ron Haines

Gainesville, GA.  Taxes, etc.Tax service Gainesville, GA

Pleasant Grove, NC.  A fixer-upper with lots of potential.Pleasant Grove, NC

Mansfield, GA. Kayleigh’s Spare Tire and Auto Detailing.

Wooton, KY.  A pair of businesses in old stations, Day’s Power Sports and Wayne’s Heating and Cooling.

Lodi, OH.  Auto repair and coffee stand.

Canaan, ME.  Is it an antique store with a gas station sign to sell or an old gas station that’s become an antique store?Canaan, ME

Berwick, PA.  An Auto Appearance shop.IMG_1914c

Cleveland, GA.  The Brookton Stitchery.The Brookton Stitchery near Cleveland, GA

Port Gibson, MS.  The Cleaners car wash.  The blue historical marker is for Rabbit Foot Minstrels, a traveling minstrel and musical troup started in 1900 and headquartered in Port Gibson from 1918 to 1950.IMG_0270cc

Charlotte, NC.  Toucan Louies café.IMG_1787c

Clarksdale, GA.  This business opportunity comes complete with wire spool tables on the pump island.Business Opportunity Clarksdale, GA

Hoxie, AR.  A classic, corner configuration, two-story still open for business.  Sells bait too.Two-story, corner, still open Hoxie, AR CR: Ron Haines

Quinapoxet, MA.  This two-story gem is now a private residence.Quinapoxet, MA

Washington, NC.  Riverwalk Steaks restaurant.

Lenawee, MI.  Two-story residential.two-story house Lenawee, MI CR: Ron Haines

Ogunquit, ME.  Brewster’s Micro Mall, another term for small convenience store, I guess.Brewster's Micro Mall Ogunquit, ME

Shelbourne, NH.  Fire Permits Office.

Bisco, AR.  A very fine house.Residence Bisco, AR CR: Ron Haines

Gaffney, SC.  Title Bucks, a car title loan store.IMG_1739c

Seligman, AZ.  Gift shop along old US 66.IMG_9113c.jpg

Kingsland, GA.  Missions for Camden, whatever that is.

Forrest, IL.  Kaisner’s Windows and Home Supplies.Kaisner's Windows and Home Supplies Forrest, IL CR: Ron Haines

Kingstree, SC.  Seafood restaurant.Seafood restaurant Kingstree, SC

Lake City, FL.  This fixer-upper comes with two pumps.Lake City, FL

Clarksdale, GA.  Barber shop.Barber Shop Clarksdale, GA

Brinkley, AR.  Yet another fixer-upper with a lot of potential.Brinkley, AR CR: Ron Haines

Hanover Courthouse, MD.  Houndstooth Cafe.

Weldon, NC.  Probably too late to save this great station unfortunately.Weldon, NC

Cumberland, MD.  The Strawberry Dog, pet supplies and grooming.IMG_1862c

Highland, FL.  Sterling Furniture.Sterling Furniture Highland, FL

Dixfield, ME.  Fly rod repair.

Beaufort, SC.  Sassy South Salon.Sassy South Salon Beaufort, SC

Dublin, GA.  Dublin Hunting and Fishing.Dublin Hunting and Fishing Dublin, GA

Niles, MI.  Troy’s Muffler and Brake.Troy's Muffler and Brake Niles, MI CR: Ron Haines

Swifton, AR.  Full Gospel Lighthouse Church.

Tuckerman, AR.  A little bit of everything.Bit of everything Tuckerman, AR CR: Ron Haines

Blowing Rock, NC.  Blowing Rock Market and Wine Shop.IMG_1801c

York Beach, ME.  Chase’s Art Garage.

Dublin, GA.  Pawn your title and keep your car.Pawn Title Dublin, GA

Vicksburg, MS.  Klondike Trading PostKlondike Trading Post Vicksburg, MS CR: Ron Haines

Williams, AZ.  Located as it is along an old stretch of famed U.S. 66, this place is a treasure-trove of old stations.  Below are three of the best I found:  The Café 66, an Italian bistro, and a gas station museum.  IMG_9125cIMG_9132cIMG_9140c

Oxford, FL.  C&K Country Kitchen.C & K Country Kitchen Oxford, FL

Bowling Green, VA.  Trailer hitches.

Kingsland, GA.  Ron’s Auto Service.Ron's Auto Service Kingsland, GA

These two, the Florida Cafe and Pig In Or Pig Out, are nearly across the street from each other in Clewiston, FLFlorida CafeClewiston, FLPig In Or Pig OutClewiston, FL

Gill, MA. Riverside Healing and BodyworkRiverside Healing and Bodywork Gill, MA

Pocatello, ID.  The Raven’s Nest outdoor clothing and equipment store.IMG_7102c

Mingo, WV.  This traditional station is used as a workshop of sorts.  It would make a nice little house.IMG_1840c

Nepaug, CT.  The Glass Station

Essex, Connecticut.  Village Provision CompanyVillage Provision Company Essex, CT

This next one is from a guest contributor, nephew Jon Haines, who spotted this dilapidated oldie in the deserted Utah town of Cisco.  It’s a true ‘ghost town’ and the site of some movies, according to Wikipedia, though far from pristine, having been visited by vandals and looters over the years.

Cisco, Utah CR: Jon Haines

Fitchburg, Massachussetts.  This former station is now SS Lobster, Ltd, wholesale, retail and takeout.  And there is even a restaurant, in another building! SS Lobster Ltd. in Fitchburg, MA

Plantsville, CT.  D’Angelo sandwich shop.IMG_6378c

Rome, NY.  Luigi’s Restaurant.IMG_0123c

Circleville, UT.  The Pit Stop Diner.IMG_9861c

35 Responses to Old Gas Stations—The Recycled, The Vacant, The Falling Apart

  1. Pingback: Old Gas Stations (Sometimes) Don’t Just Fade Away | The Urge to be Someplace Else

  2. LOVE these, Ron! Such an iconic part of Americana… I’m happy to see that so many of them have been preserved, in a sense, by being re-purposed for other uses, and that they’ve been further preserved by your photographing them and sharing it with all of us!

    Many thanks and please, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂


  3. jamesvincentknowles says:

    Wow, Ron … what a trip~! How interesting to see all these old beauties put to good use~! Enjoy the journey, my friend~!


  4. John Swingle says:

    I’ve seen quite a few in my travels. Loved looking at these!


  5. Denise Hurt says:

    So cool. Will have to dig up the photos I took of an old Texaco station. The person who owns the property came out when he saw me over there. He said he has to keep an eye out because people have been known to sneak over there and try to steal the signs!


  6. Michiel says:

    Fascinating stuff, Ron. From the other end of the planet, where I am, it’s heartening to see the automobile making way for – mostly – more human-friendly entprises. Love the pump areas being turned into planters or sitting areas.


  7. Chas Hunt says:

    Ron, You’ve been around! I think you missed Phyllis G’s Enigma on US 1 north of Delray Beach. I also remember some classic one’s in Miami but doubt I could find them again.


    • Ron Haines says:

      I had a photo of Phyllis G’s. It’s in the mix now.


      • Jim Ward says:

        I own a 1920’s Gulf Station. I was wondering where I would find information on how the fuel was stored, underground or above ground. Also I am looking for signage pictures and pumps. I am told it was called “Clean Gulf.” Red brick with yellow brick decorative masonry.

        Jim Ward


      • Ron Haines says:

        Sorry, Jim, I haven’t any answers for you on this. Where’s your station?


  8. ACH says:

    You’re like the gas-station whisperer. I’ll be keeping a closer eye on old buildings with carports from now on!


  9. Cheryl (Baron) Gash says:

    Such memories–some with my grandfather in his 1935 Chevy, some with my Dad in his blue VW bus, some of my early days in my 1963 VW. Enjoy your travels, Ron, and thanks for sharing your treasured finds.


  10. I love this collection of photos! The last time I was at home (St. Clair County, Alabama), I saw wonderful old abandoned gas stations, most still with the old pumps. Didn’t have a camera with me, darn it, but noticed how photogenic they were. By the way, there was no paved road to my town until I was a teenager.Good work, Ron.


  11. Karen Simmons says:

    Really enjoyed !!! Would like to find one for sale, where it is warm. Prefer in bad shape. One like from the 50’s, small with car port, and pillars in the front. If you know of any, please e-mail me. KarenSimmons@q.com…..Thanks much !! Karen


  12. Pat Russell says:

    Amazing pics! You could just publish a book of photos.


  13. DJ says:

    Such *FUN* scrolling through these amazing pix. Thanks for ride down memory lane,
    & then some.


  14. John Barrett says:

    Great,Great photos it was good idea to do this ,good luck with all the photos


  15. andyb2658 says:

    Growing up, we used to travel from Massachusetts to NY to visit my grandparents and traveled through New Hampshire. In Laconia or Nashua or Plymouth there was a combination ice cream/diner and gas station which said :”eat here and get gas” and I cannot figure out where that was, but I assume it is gone now. Also about 15 years ago, there was an antique store I did not get to visit but passed it in either Clinton or Essex, CT.


  16. Joan Tallman Latta says:

    Once again you have taken me on a wonderful trip. I love nothing better than to take the back roads when I travel, and like you see all the treasures our country holds. I love to stop at all the mom and pop cafe’s along the way and meet all the unque people of the small towns. Fun.


  17. Francie Chambers says:

    I have eaten at Smokin’ Gold BBQ in Dahlonega many times. There is an old gas station in Fort Worth, TX which has been refurbished into a very upscale bar. The name escapes me, but I am sure it’s on Henderson St. Thanks for this great article.


  18. Robert Phillips says:

    Thank you for preserving an amazing collection of photos that record the golden age of motoring in this country both rural and urban environments. If you visit Portland, Or. please stop by the St. Johns Signal station at 8302 N. Lombard that I renovated several years ago. Built in 1939 , it has an amazing amount of art deco or modern features that I restored to the level of National Registrar status. At 69, I live on my wood boat in WA. but would consider doing one more project gas station. Since 2008, my economic condition has become one of “the poor people” living on social security” but I have the fever to renovate.
    Just find me a project and a silent partner and we can save one more. Cordially, Rob Phillips, Renovation Properties at 253-861-6066. 10/26/16


    • Ron Haines says:

      I was just out that way in early September. That’s when I got the chiropractic office in Eugene, OR. Wish I had known then about your renovation in Portland…maybe next year. All the best and thanks for your kind comments about the collection.


  19. mikeggert says:

    Great variety and effort! What is the vintage of the stations with large porcelain or gloss enamel panels on them 1948-1958 era? I’m looking to buy one of those and restore …


  20. Bobby Cannon says:

    Thanks for including my business in your travels! I own Bowling Green Auto Care, the old Texaco pictured in Bowling Green, Va. (The business is mine, but I rent the building from a great man whose family has been in the area for quite some time!)


    • Ron Haines says:

      Happy to hear from you. All the best. Great building!


      • Rick says:

        Hello I need help identifying a table I found that is marked Texaco on underside . It is round metal. I believe it was used in the lobby for promotional items ? I can’t find info anywhere! Thought I would ask here


  21. Debbing Gill says:

    That was really amazing, I was hoping to see a photo of my dad’s Conoco service station. It was torn down. No photo existseems of it. I’ve searched for many years. My dad’s sister who had the photos had no idea what happened to them due to Altzheimers. It great to see you care to photograph them. If you ever stumble upon a photo of Don’s Conoco 2846 Mt Vernon Rd SE Cedar Rapids Iowa please let me know.


  22. Dave Jackson says:

    great blog post thanks for sharing. dave


  23. Robert Brett says:

    excellent content thank you for sharing this with us. Robert


  24. Trina Kauk says:

    Enjoyed scrolling through these. New Raymer, Colo. has an old Texaco station with the apron front like the one you have pictured with the old Texaco truck out front. Where is that station located in the old photo you have inserted in the current photo?


  25. Lisa says:

    Do you plan on hitting all 50 states?


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