The Trip (3 parts)

The journal and photos of my Mississippi River Canoe trip appear in this section in three subsections, for ease of reading.  They are:

Lake Itasca to Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul to St. Louis

St. Louis to New Orleans

2 Responses to The Trip (3 parts)

  1. Mark Crance says:

    Hi Ron,
    I just finished up a 16,000 mile bicycle trip that took me around entire US border.Now,I’m planning on my next adventure,kayaking the Mississippi.
    Your blog was a real pleasure to read as I know the feeling of being on an extended trip and the loneliness it entails.However,I would never have traded a moment for a chance to meet the great,helpful people along the way.
    I was thinking of trying to put a small group of like minded paddlers my age(58) to do the trip in the spring of next year.Do you have any suggestions how I might go about looking for adventurous folks like myself?
    Thank you in advance for any information that could be helpful,


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