Bare bones

It’s been a while since I’ve bored you with a photo of an old gas station but on my jaunts between Florida and Connecticut this fall I discovered one worth pointing out.

It’s on a corner in Wilmington NC.  The nice classic form is still intact.  I am hoping it’s been stripped down in preparation for a good renovation and not for the wrecking ball.

I’ve never seen one in quite this stage of deconstruction (reconstruction?) before.  “Its bones were picked clean” is the cliché that springs to mind.

A few more recent finds are below.  There’s the Auto Title Loans office in Georgetown SC, the Barrier Islands Salt Company in Cheriton VA, the Carolina Cider Company in Yemassee SC, Custom Upholstery in Chocowinnity NC, and the Upper Room Cafe in Beaufort SC.

To see my entire collection go here.

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2 Responses to Bare bones

  1. Leslie Dreier says:

    Brings back memories. I like the NC coast and think I told you I made my home in Morehead City for 2 years.

    Nice gas stations!




  2. ROGER HAINES says:

    Ron, my bet is that what’s planned is a (major) interior reconstruction/ renovation, along with a major cleanup and refurbishment of the exterior/roof. If demolition was the endgame, there’d be no reason to carefully remove windows and all the other interior stuff.
    On the downside…It looks like it’s been sitting in it’s current state for at least a few years. So perhaps the plan halted due to lack of funds or something. And maybe won’t resume.
    Time will tell, eh?


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