Ethiopian fashion show

It was a real treat for me today to see my two granddaughters all decked out in the Ethiopian dresses my daughter and I brought back for them on our recent trip there. IMG_2245c

The trip was a revisit to Ethiopia, where I lived fifty years ago, when the traditional clothes were way more prevalent then than they are now.

Margeaux and Simone wore their outfits for a musical performance with their dad, Ryan, at the Unitarian Universalist Society East in Manchester, CT.

More photos from today are below. I also tossed in three photos of folks in traditional dress from our trip.  One is of an  Ethiopian youngster who danced for her fellow passengers at Lalibela airport, the second is of a woman displaying a traditional Ethiopian coffee service, and the third is of a woman I met in the countryside. (The daily log and all the photos from our trip are here)




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3 Responses to Ethiopian fashion show

  1. Carole says:



  2. Leslie Dreier says:

    Wow! It’s all too fabulous! Any plans for a Christmas concert in Lantana?




  3. Linda McKune Turner says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing.


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