Helpful street signs

It’s nice when there are street signs that actually let you know that it’s a place you just don’t want to go:


Scrape Bottom Road, Scottsville, NC. (Photo by Ron Haines)


To Do List Lane, Chauga, SC. (Photo by Ron Haines)


Drown Road, Pomfret, CT. (Photo by Ron Haines)

Exeter, CT

Purgatory Road, Exeter, NH. (Photo by Ron Haines)


Toll Gate Road, Comstock, CT.  (Photo by Ron Haines)


Bedlam Road, Mansfield Center, CT.  (Photo by Ron Haines)

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2 Responses to Helpful street signs

  1. paul bannister says:

    there used to be a street in 18th century London called Gropecunt Lane.

    It’s been renamed.



  2. My son in law, Nigel Baker, an urban archeologist, did historical research on streets with this name–usually leading off the central market square.


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