Two Mr. Bigs

The term Mr. Big around my house is a reference to the very large, orange iguana that hangs out on the dock in the backyard.  That’s what we call him.

He’s the king of the dock.  Or was until a week or so ago.  Another Mr. Big entered the picture and apparently my dock isn’t big enough for two Mr. Bigs.

Sue saw the battle.  I wasn’t home.  Lots of tussling, someone hung off the edge of the dock over the water for a while and there appeared to be an injured leg.  One of them slunk off and the battle was over.

Fast forward to just the other day. The second one reappeared again.  There was a brief tussle and one of them went into the water.  It all happened before I got the camera out.

But later on, they were back both back and I was able to get the photo below.  Unfortunately, the interloper decided not to push things and soon left the yard.

But one of these days I hope to have a great video of an epic battle to share with you.



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2 Responses to Two Mr. Bigs

  1. D-J says:

    Seriously curious ….. Did he just show-up – or was he transported from elsewhere????

    xoxox Happy New Year, Ron – love, DJ


    • Ron Haines says:

      Happy 2019 to you too, DJ. I think he just wandered by. I can’t see anyone wanting to pick him up and carry him around. There’s enough of a population of them around here that there’s bound to be some territorial disputes. I am long overdue for stopping by for lunch.


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