This is not a Motel 6

A sign that you’re not at a Motel 6 is when this pops up when you turn the TV on:


Yes, a huge cut above my normal on the road accommodations, courtesy of the Sierra Club.  I was there last week in my role as a member of the Awards Committee, helping out at our annual Awards Ceremony.  For more about all that, take a look at the committee’s Facebook page.

Other signs of course are the fluffy towels, assortment of soaps and conditioners and the cheery ‘How can I help you, Mr. Haines,” when I ring the front desk.  And the multiple pillows.

As much as I do enjoy lapping it up when someone else is paying, I just cannot justify that cost for a night’s sleep when I am footing the bill.

My four-by-eight-foot camping trailer works just fine, thanks.    And there’s always a Motel 6 around if it’s raining–or below 60 degrees overnight.



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