A mustard morning

I visited the National Mustard Museum this morning in Middleton, WI, and tomorrow I will tour the Moist Towlette Museum in Dimondale, MI. You guessed it!  I am on a wacky museum and world’s largest things tour of the Midwest.   I have no time right now to digest all I have seen, but the details will appear in installments on my blog in the coming weeks.   Subscribe to be notified.




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2 Responses to A mustard morning

  1. paul bannister says:

    You hot dog, you!



  2. Leslie Dreier says:

    I see you are making your way around the US. I am looking forward to news of the Moist Towel Museum. I just got home from a terrific Matisse exhibit in Boston, but I know it can’t compare with moist towels.




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