Kumquat Festival here I come

I stopped in Dade City the other day.  It’s small, about 7,000 population, and is located in west central Florida.

It was a Saturday and it seemed to be antique day, because all the stores were open downtown and there were also tables out on the sidewalk and vendor booths in the alleys.

What drew my eye first though was this old gas station, now recycled into the Garden Café.  The unmistakable shape and the huge mural on the side attracted my attention immediately.  It wasn’t open unfortunately, so I had my breakfast in another café around the corner.


Dade City began in the 1870’s as Fort Dade, a few miles from its present location.  When the railroad came through in 1884 a few miles to the east it was relocated there and given its present name.   It is the seat of Pasco County.

Its most recent claim to fame is that it was mentioned as the home of Dexter’s recently deceased biological father in the Father Knows Best episode of the Showtime TV series Dexter. By the way, in the course of checking out that factoid I actually read the plot of that particular episode and was reminded once again why I stopped watching much TV long ago…I think it was about the time they stopped doing Seinfeld reruns at 7 p.m.

I missed the town’s annual Kumquat Festival.  It’s in late January and has been going on for about 20 years.  I don’t think I have knowingly eaten a kumquat, but I have maligned them and joked about them enough through the years that I really should go to the festival, at least once.

I’ll put that on the 2018 calendar for sure.

(If you’d like to see my entire collection of old gas stations that have been recycled for other uses, go here.)


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One Response to Kumquat Festival here I come

  1. DJ says:

    Maligned an innocent kumquat??? Ronald, may I suggest …… how politically incorrect
    your non-eating stance strikes us kumquat lovers. Thanx for another *fun* story.


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