Back to school

I took my Mississippi River canoe trip road show to a school class here in south Florida recently.


Here I am showing the class one of the maps I used in Minnesota (Photo by John Stone)

The teacher is a high school friend of my daughter and her husband (Somehow all those people grew up and now have jobs and families!  When did that happen?).

As part of a section about adventures, teacher John Stone had given them my website with the trip description and photos and had them do some reading.

It was interesting to see, up there on the blackboard, that my blog had been turned into aimage1inset homework assignment!

He followed up with an invitation for me to come along and do a presentation. Fortunately I still had a power point program that I had put together years ago.  I also took along the life jacket, a dry bag, some maps, a paddle, and the canoe itself so I’d have some show and tell.

I managed to fill up an hour and no one fell asleep.

Kidding aside, it worked out very well. They were attentive and interested. And obviously well prepared.

I particularly enjoyed the questions.

They ran the gamut:
What kind of animals did you see? Any snakes?
What about the waves from the boats?
Did you lock up the canoe at night?
Didn’t you get tired of eating the same thing all the time?

And the best one of all, What about number one and number two?

Number two involved digging a hole and depositing, usually before I shoved off in the morning, I explained.  For number one I just pulled ashore when necessary.  And yes, I had toilet paper with me.

The questioner persevered with a followup though. Couldn’t you just stand up in the boat for number one?

Nope, I replied, it’s a balance problem. Didn’t want to fall in the water.


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4 Responses to Back to school

  1. Denise J Hurt says:

    Oh so funny – how did you keep a straight face and not guffaw!


  2. Jenn says:

    Ha! Oddly enough, I didn’t know John in High School. In fact, I didn’t meet him until after college. He was a college roommate of a friend of mine from high school (Mike Cook, trumpet player in band).


  3. Leslie Dreier says:

    Very funny. I see you dressed up for the right academic impression.




  4. John Stone says:

    Great visit Ron! The students were really impressed with the scope of your trip (as was the staff).

    Thanks so much for taking the time to make your presentation. It was a remarkable tale.


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