A Charlie Montgomeryism

Time to quack like a duck and get the flock out of here!  Said at the end of every day as I recall.  I heard it at the National Enquirer, and then years later at the Globe.

UPDATE: Friend and colleague Steve Plamann recalls the quote more accurately than I did above.  Says Steve: “‘You know what the ducks say, Let’s get the flock out of here.’  Every. Single. Day.”

Charlie Montgomery never met the duck below, which I found on a trash paddling trip in New Hampshire, but I am sure he would have liked him.  He’s become a small yard ornament in Connecticut, even when it snows.



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3 Responses to A Charlie Montgomeryism

  1. Linda McKune Turner says:

    Refresh my memory, is Charlie still with us? And where was this picture taken? Can’t believe you would be in a place that snows!


    • Ron Haines says:

      The last I heard, and that was several years ago, he was not doing well. Don’t know anything else. I am in CT, where I now spend several months out of the year. Daughter and her family live up here. Heading back to FL on Sat. It’s delightful up here in Spring and Summer, not so good in the Fall.


  2. Roger says:

    We’ll leave the door (to Florida) unlocked and the light on.
    You’re missing some superb weather…as in, “This is why we sweat all summer!”
    Looks like the snow is ACCUMULATING for goodness sake!


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