Contoocook for the Fourth once again

Made it to the Fourth of July parade in Contoocook, NH, again this year.  I missed it last year because the Fourth fell on a Saturday, and I go trash paddling on the first Saturday of the month.  I did make it in 2014 though.

The attraction?  My brother and his wife live in Contoocook, so I use that as home when I trash paddle in New Hampshire.  And if you’re there on the Fourth of July, you have to see the parade.

A 30-minute kids’ parade kicks off at 11:30.  For a kid with a decorated trike or scooter it’s a fun walk for a few blocks with cheering fans on both sides of the street.

The main event starts after that.  It’s a short, fun parade, a row of veterans with flags, a band on a trailer, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts,  a few vintage Corvairs, some older cars, a local horse-drawn farm wagon, several fire engines and the public works’ dump truck.  It goes by in a flash, the kids along the route pick up the candy flung out to them, ears ring from the sirens, and then the road opens back up and traffic resumes.

It’s a frustrating half hour delay if you’re trying to get through town by car at the time, I am sure.

But it’s just a simple good time when sitting in the shade with family and friends along the parade route.

And trash paddling?  That’s the monthly on-the-water trash pickup sponsored by the flatwater paddling section of the Appalachian Mountain Club New Hampshire Chapter.


The granddaughters get a chuckle out of a pre-parade selfie taken by their father.


Some other parade photos:



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3 Responses to Contoocook for the Fourth once again

  1. Leslie Dreier says:

    You have a kind heart. I got stuck in the Lincoln/Woodstock parade yesterday and the weather was beautiful, or else i’d have been fuming. I was headed for a small pond with my kayak in the trunk, and the road was so bad all I could do was leave the car and walk to have a look at the water. No paddle.

    I like the kayaking in FL better, but the hiking has been quite good this summer. I’m planning an overnight in the Pemigewasset Wilderness this weekend if the weather cooperates.

    I hope you’re enjoying CT and these warm days.




  2. Roger says:

    Thanks, brother. Almost as fun as being there! Glad you and R/J/girls could join the Contoocook branch for the weekend!
    You’re missing a nice toasty spell this week in FLA. Here in Hogtown, mid-90s plus big humidity all week.


  3. Amy C. Haines says:

    I miss being up there with all of you! Looks like it was a stunner of a day. 🙂


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