I bought this piece of yard art last year on my way from Connecticut to Texas.  I found it in a shopyard next to the highway, lying out in the open with its brethren, all rusted and crummy looking.


They put so much salt on the road in the winter, the shopowner explained, that there’s nearly a mist of it in the air all the time and it eats away at the metal pieces.  About like living at the seashore.  He hadn’t gotten around to cleaning them up and repainting them yet, so I got it cheap.

I put it on the bike rack along with the huge sheet metal blue heron I’d picked up somewhere else. And they all rode along with me for several thousand miles.  The inside of the car was my sleeping quarters on this trip, so there was no room in there for large pieces of yard art.

Back in Connecticut a few weeks later, some Rustoleum spray cans turned that ugly thing into this attractive eye catcher.  Whirlygigs I have, and I have seen but not purchased the balancing thingies out there, so this is by far the most unique piece of moveable yard art I own.  Not wind powered, it takes a gentle push on each of the three pieces to get things moving.  Gives the grandkids something to do when they drop by.  And once in motion it is mesmerizing. 


Oh, forgot to mention that I finally own a camera that takes video.  Move over Cecil B.


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6 Responses to Lights…Camera…Action!

  1. Leslie Dreier says:

    The video really shows it off. When was that trip?


    • Ron Haines says:

      a year ago, took me a while to get around to learning how to edit the video, then find a work-around with youtube to avoid having to upgrade the blog with $$$ so I could post a video there.


  2. DJ says:

    Tres, tres cool, cheri Ron. Would look fabulous absolutely anywhere –
    looks like something from MOMA.


  3. Linda says:

    Good eye for year art, Ron.


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