Found another one!

I recently stumbled across another great reuse of an old gas station.  This one, in Putnam, over in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner, is a CrossFit 860 (for the area code) fitness center.  You can see the entire collection of recycled gas stations here.

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2 Responses to Found another one!

  1. Roger Haines says:

    Love it that they propped up some old tractor tires outside — the kind that get used in “cross fit” sort of workouts sometimes, where the participant has to flip it over again and again, moving it from point A to point B.
    They’re pretty heavy and unwieldy, so it takes a pretty good effort — cardio and strength training in one.


  2. Miss Donna says:

    As part of a group that brought recycling to Massachusetts in the late 80’s, I love repurposing! Thanks for the walk down “memory lane”. You are quite a good photographer, too!


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