Creepy Barbi

My 2016 trash paddling season has begun.  The first Trash Patrol in New Hampshire was last Saturday on the Nashua River, led by the project’s founder, Denise Hurt of the Appalachian Mountain Club.  They are monthly through October.

It was a modest haul by our standards, but the old tires and the two basketballs made the pile photogenic.

The Find-Of-The-Day was Denise’s creepy looking Barbi doll.  ‘Mud-Wrestling Deranged Barbi’ is my label for her.

The weather, as one can tell from the clothes we’re wearing, was chilly, with a heavy mist that verged on rain at times.




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One Response to Creepy Barbi

  1. Miss Donna says:

    What a good doobie you are! Not a day for your new canoe!


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