First paddle of my northeast season

With temps hovering just below 60 and bright sunny skies I bent my Northeast paddling standards (I generally stay inside until it gets way closer to 70) and spent a pleasant few hours with some friends from the Western Mass paddling group on the beautiful Swift River in Belchertown, MA, the other day.

With the nice sunshine and the high banks shielding me from the wind it did not seem as chilly as the temperature indicated.  That and my two body layers, neoprene boots and a stocking cap helped a lot.  (Observant folks amongst you will notice it’s the same hat I wore on the Mississippi River when the weather got chilly)  I did wear shorts on the Swift though;  when it’s sunny and above 50 I can do that.

The Swift is a nice little river with a bit of current, wooded surroundings, and the occasionally house with quirky yard art.  Enjoy the photos.


Winding through and around downed trees is part of the fun of the Swift River (Photos above and below by Dave MacLean)




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This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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