Pushing the season

Arrived in Connecticut this past weekend.  Mother Nature has a nasty way of letting me know if I get here too early.  The new canoe is tucked away safely in the garage.  The old Grumman is under the snow.




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7 Responses to Pushing the season

  1. Leslie Dreier says:

    Yup. Too early. I paddled over to peanut island the other day and snorkeled It was fabulous.




  2. Roger says:

    This is just one way that Mother Nature works to even the score — for you escaping the heat, humidity, and sweat that the rest of us [enjoy] [endure].
    Nasty, yes, She can be mean, too. Watch out!


  3. barrdj1@aol.com says:

    26 degrees here a few hours ago! NO SUN, EITHER.


  4. Denise Hurt says:

    Not supposed to play favourites with the boats! That poor Grumman!


  5. Chas Hunt says:

    Hi Ron, I have saved a space for you on the south fork of the St. Lucie River this Sunday. If you leave today, you’ll be here in plenty of time. 🙂


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