Wooing at Wakodahatchee

If you’re down my way a go-to spot for seeing Florida birds is the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, a man-made gathering, roosting and breeding spot for a variety of species.

As this photo shows, nesting involves a bit of wooing.


A pair of anhingas (AKA snakebirds), female on left. (Photo by Ron Haines)

Derived from a Seminole Indian phrase meaning “created waters,” the area was constructed by the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department next to an existing water treatment plant and about a mile from a regional water reclamation facility.


The project converted about 56 acres of former percolation ponds into a thriving wetlands habitat. Approximately two million gallons per day of highly treated reclaimed water is used to maintain the wetlands, which attracts an abundance of wildlife in a park-like setting.

It’s in western Boynton Beach on Jog Road.

For more info and some great photos, go here and here.



Another wooing photo, and below the results of some earlier wooing.  (Photos by Ron Haines)



A very unusual sighting for me was this purple gallinule with a couple of chicks.  Sorry about the focus. (Photo by Ron Haines)


Saw lots of nesting wood storks, but it’s a bit too early for offspring.  I couldn’t see, but I am pretty sure there were eggs in the nests.  (Photo by Ron Haines)






Above are a marsh rabbit, a turtle, and of course an alligator, keeping an eye on his menu.  (Photos by Ron Haines)


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2 Responses to Wooing at Wakodahatchee

  1. Leslie Dreier says:

    I just got home from marshall preserve. Is this nearby?




    • Ron Haines says:

      If you’re talking about the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, then yes. The refuge is on 441, the Wakodahatchee Wetland is east of it on Jog Road.


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