Look! Up in the tree!

Look, up in the tree!

I have iguanas at my house in Florida. They are not pets, they just live around me.  I live by the water, they like to live by the  water, I live in a warm climate, they like warm climates.

Central Palm Beach County is at the northern end of their range, and if we have a winter with a stretch of really cold weather the population dies off a bit (and the ‘Iguanas dropping from trees’ stories hit the internet).

But that hasn’t happened for four or five years, and the population is robust. 

They’ve bounced back so well  from the last cold weather, in fact, that I saw something today I haven’t seen in several years:  an iguana way up in a neighbor’s tree.   And it is not a small tree.  It towers over the two-story house next to me.

Good thing the big adults are orange.  If this one were green I’d never have seen it.  Can you spot him?


Here’s a closer look:


And here’s what one like this looks like up close and personal:


All Photos by Ron Haines


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4 Responses to Look! Up in the tree!

  1. Leslie Dreier says:

    I saw it.


  2. I saw it, too! 😀

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