Maine’s only curling club?

I guess I’m getting to be an old hand at ferreting out curling clubs on my meanderings around the northeast.

IMG_0536cThe symbol on this sign was instantly recognizable as I drove along Route 3 in Belfast Maine. Very similar to this one I’d seen in Petersham, MA, last year.

According to its website, the Belfast Curling Club claims to be the only one in Maine, but in truth, there is one over in Portland, the Pine Tree Curling Club.

Purists, however, would argue that the facility is Belfast is a true club, boasting its own, three-sheet facility (and all the various ‘speils’ that are part of the curling tradition), while the group in Portland is a mere arena curling club, using shared ice at a public ice arena, in this instance the William Troubh Ice Arena.

One huge difference in the two concepts appears to be administrative ease. The folks in Belfast are in the midst of a huge fund-raising drive for major renovations, while the group in Portland is full-up and accepting newcomers for a ‘substitutes’ list, all ready to train members how to get ice ready for curling.

See this Smithsonian article for way more than you want to know about all that.



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3 Responses to Maine’s only curling club?

  1. Roger Haines says:

    Hmmmm…Thinking of taking up curling, Ron? Perhaps there’s a 70-and-older team?


  2. dick fischbeck says:

    Belfast Curling Club is thrilled to see Portland’s Pinetree Curling Club starting up! Belfast is sending help to them as needed.


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