A new fashioned breakfast in an old fashioned building

I combined a couple of favorite pleasures one morning on my recent visit to California: Breakfast with an old friend and a look at a classic old gas station building that’s been recycled into a bakery and restaurant.

My companion was Mary Ann Norbom, for those from the publishing world who may be reading this.

And the establishment was Bob’s Well Bread Bakery in Los Alamos, CA, a small bump in Route 101 about two hours up the coast by car and light years away by temperament from Los Angeles.

But it was still California, and the proprietor a former resident of Gollywood, so the fare was not the two eggs over easy with bacon, home fries and toast that I usually order.

The menu is below. I had the Eggs-in-a-Frame #2. It was delicious. I still don’t know what all the words mean.

And in case you haven’t looked lately, there are lots of new photos of recycled gas stations in my collection.  Go here to see them.



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3 Responses to A new fashioned breakfast in an old fashioned building

  1. Jean says:

    Another great story Ron! Thank you. jb


  2. Denise says:

    I particularly like the “bacon lardons” – somehow especially descriptive!


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