Next time I’ll wear a hat


Pulled in to this place recently in tiny Hawley, TX, along US 83 north of Abilene, ready for a breakfast as only places like this can do them. Inside there were nine men, middle-aged or better, arranged around three nearby tables, all talking with each other. Each wore overalls, cowboy boots and long-sleeved shirts.

And each sported a well-worn baseball cap.

Dressed in my normal tennis shoes, shorts and T-shirt and carrying a book, I headed to a table at the back and settled in. They all looked my way.

Must have been because I didn’t have a hat on.


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6 Responses to Next time I’ll wear a hat

  1. Peggy Peterson says:

    Yeah 🙂

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  2. Roger Haines says:

    Yeah, bet that’s why. Yup.
    And what’s the deal with the pickup truck parked in the foreground, separate from all other vehicles? Special reserved parking spot? For Sale sign on windshield? Abandoned?


  3. Roger Haines says:

    And how ’bout a report on their breakfast?
    Never know…One of these days, I might be passing through Hawley, hankerin’ for a good breakfast, wondering if I should stop at this place or not.


  4. Francis Mullins says:

    Good breakfast…well, I’ll eat my hat!


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