The grass is always greener…

Or maybe it should be ‘The weeds are always greener on the other side of the fence.’  This through-the-fence eater was spotted along a dirt road between Scottsbluff and Alliance in Nebraska.



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One Response to The grass is always greener…

  1. becky (and carlos) garcia says:

    Ron, your grass is greener makes me think of my own version which is that one of the joys of traveling alone must be that you can stop ANY time something calls to you along the way without having to explain to another about that great photo op that you just passed and could we please turn around!! that said, c is an excellent driver and yes, outstanding companion, just for the record! but…he doesn’t like turning around on a dime. I think we are going to miss you this summer btw as we are currently in CA, near Lassen Volcanic National Park heading to OR soon most likely.


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