Dueling violins

Whatever musical talent granddaughters M and S possess does NOT come from me, I can assure you. My career ended after a kindergarten piano recital, my only recollection of which is that my fingers were numbered in pencil to correspond to the numbers on the keys. Plunk. Plunk. Plunk.

So I take no credit at all for this. Dad Ryan’s genes are to thank, along with his patience, talent and teaching ability. M is coming along well with the instructions and seems to really enjoy showing her stuff to us when we’re around to watch a lesson. Young S of course is right in there, albeit silently, as her violin is mainly for show, for now anyway.

IMG_6353cDad Ryan, bass accompanist, can be seen at left in the photo below.

IMG_6357c IMG_6354c IMG_1405c


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3 Responses to Dueling violins

  1. Roger Haines says:



  2. DJ says:

    Sweet melodies from sweet little ones!


  3. Franklin Berger says:

    What darling granddaughters! F.


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