Back in the warmth!

I’m back in into shorts and T-shirt mode, having left the chilly Northeast where it belongs…up there. In the summer, the lovely byways and nice waterways of New England have Florida beat hands down, but in winter I will take being able to walk outside barefoot whenever I want to over the bundling up necessary to deal with the elements to the north. Amazing what a difference 1,400 miles makes!

Here I am today….



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3 Responses to Back in the warmth!

  1. Denise says:

    Brat! Enjoy your winter – see you in the spring!


  2. Roger Haines says:

    You are SUCH a weenie, brother!
    But welcome back to the (sub)tropics. We saved your place.


  3. Peggy Peterson says:

    You’re mean! And of course that’s said with a loving smile on my face, and some envy, too.


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