More recycled gas stations

On a recent trip through rural Massachusetts I found a couple more recycled gas stations for my photographic collection.   In the tiny crossroads town of Quinapoxet, there was this two-story gem, now a private residence.  And a little further along, in Fitchburg, was SS Lobster Ltd, a wholesale and retail seafood depot located in a former station.

Quinapoxet, MASS Lobster Ltd. in Fitchburg, MA



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2 Responses to More recycled gas stations

  1. Roger Haines says:

    Wow, the one where they added a second story, including an extension out to the former pump island… Yes, a gem!


  2. DJ says:

    Sure hope you’re indulging in all the wonderful seafood this part of the planet is known for.
    May you be well & happy. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful adventures, Ron.
    A hug & Big Smooch.


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