Paddling the Dedham Trail (without the rain this time)

Yesterday 12 of us paddled the Dedham Water Trail in Dedham, MA. The sky was blue, the sun bright, temps reached the ‘70’s and IT DID NOT RAIN. It was a great contrast to my soggy trip around the loop last month. I advertised it in four of the paddling groups I belong to: Paddle Killingly, Western Mass Kayak, Worcester Paddling, and Boston Paddling. A few from each group signed up and we ended up with a nice flotilla of ten boats filled with nice people. The water level at Dover was near .6 feet, down slightly from the .8 that it was last time, but there was still only the one portage necessary, at the Needham Street bridge. Some photos:

highres_411249382.jpegcIMG_1045cIMG_5185c IMG_5160c IMG_5147c IMG_5131c IMG_5141c IMG_5145cIMG_1058c IMG_1055c IMG_1053c IMG_1051c IMG_1049c IMG_1048cIMG_5192c


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