Wind power

The wind was kicking up whitecaps on Pachaug Pond in Griswold, CT, tonight, so the paddle from the launch to the southeastern end of the lake was a slow crawl, but the ride back with the red umbrella was sweet indeed. I even checked out the sloughs behind some islands under umbrella power. A homeowner on the lake had a windmill to take advantage of the free energy, but a bad bearing in the thing made a screeching sound that could be heard all over. I’d hate to be his neighbor.GEDC8110IMG_4762c IMG_4759c IMG_0803c IMG_0801c IMG_0799c


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2 Responses to Wind power

  1. Roger Haines says:

    So where’s your sail? And what is it with the cutesy/wimpy little red umbrella, when you could instead have a proper man’s sail propelling you at high speed across the waters?
    But then again, at your advanced age, I suppose one must make certain allowances… 🙂


  2. Denise h says:



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