Encountered an idiot today who doesn’t understand the concept of making sure the vehicle ahead of you is moving before stomping on the gas when the light turns green. He hit the rear of the canoe and it moved forward on the trailer and into the rear door of my car. Canoe is unhurt, I’ll need a new rear door and he’ll need a new headlight and some bondo in the hole that the canoe left in his bodywork. Guess if I am ever paddling and get into a collision with a Honda or a Lincoln we know who’ll come out on top.



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6 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Jason Robinson says:

    OUCH!!! Sorry about that, Ron. I’d be ticked! 😡
    Glad that you’re okay, though…


  2. Lisa Hanley says:

    The war canoe lives to fight another battle!


  3. James Gregory says:

    Maybe that dude missed the high school physics lesson about two solid objects not occupying the same space at the same time!!!!


  4. April Sandmeyer says:

    wow! that’s one tough canoe!


  5. Denise says:

    That is one tough canoe. You should send those pics to the manufacturer!


  6. Ann Kepping says:

    I’m glad you’re okay! The first thought that comes to mind now is… I think your canoe is a mini Viking Ship. You don’t mess with them! (:)


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