War Office

IMG_4626cApproaching Lebanon, CT, on Route 87 the other day I encountered this sign:

OK, I guess maybe in these times if you live in a ­­­­­­­town called Lebanon, you’d want to be prepared. Especially if you’re just down the road from a place called Bozrah:IMG_4652

IMG_4656cBut it wasn’t as alarming as it seemed.  The ‘War Office’ went back to revolutionary times, as further signs and an actual building on the town green revealed:IMG_4627cIMG_4634c










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3 Responses to War Office

  1. James Gregory says:

    Extremely interesting, Ron. If you’re into history, New England can be fascinating.


    • Ron Haines says:

      Can’t say I’m one to go out looking for history, but in New England it just sort of falls in my lap. Glad you found it interesting, Ato Jim. I particularly liked learning the origin and meaning of the word Bozrah, which up until now meant only, to me anyway, war zone. Interesting also that it’s thought to be the only place of that name in the U.S.


  2. Roger Haines says:

    For a minute there, I was fearing big trouble in New England!
    An unanswered question: WHY? Why choose the name Bozrah, meaning a pen for sheep??!!
    I’m disappointed in our early settlers. No wonder following immigrants kept moving west, deciding NOT to settle down in Bozrah! And instead settling in awesome places like Illinois. 🙂


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