Turn right on Main Street

It makes my day  when I am traveling down a rural, two-lane highway and my GPS says: ‘In eighteen miles turn right on Main Street.’ What it means is that after 18 miles of pleasant driving past farm fields and forests I will enter yet another small town and turn right on yet another Main Street. If I plan the route well and let the GPS do its magic on the ‘shortest distance’ setting, I can have a whole afternoon of such driving, including stops at promising looking junk/antique shops and other quirky places. It’s far easier than plotting a ‘blue line’ journey on a paper map. I encountered many Main Streets on a recent jaunt through western Massachusetts. Below are a couple of them.

IMG_0618cc IMG_4434c

The shot below, taken in New Hampshire, offers a more extreme example of what can happen when following the directions of a GPS set to ‘shortest distance.’ IMG_3960c


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One Response to Turn right on Main Street

  1. DJ says:

    Dearest Ron,

    It’s just swell to keep up on your adventures. Keep ’em rolling ……. Ron Haines is
    just one of the “most swell” guys I know.



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