Capturing the Blue Heron

Getting a decent photo of a blue heron is a piece of cake in Florida compared to up here in the northeast. Here they are generally very leery of humans and fly away when you try to get close. In Florida I can get a good photo of one by rolling out of bed and sticking the camera out the window. To get the one below, at Roseland Lake in Woodstock, CT, I had to settle on a spot pretty far away, get the canoe stable in the weeds, and then whap off a lot of frames with the 300mm, hoping for a few that would be in good focus. Same goes for eagles and oprey up here. Turtles are easy though.IMG_0567c IMG_4228c IMG_4229c IMG_4240c IMG_4249c IMG_4261c IMG_4265c


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2 Responses to Capturing the Blue Heron

  1. Denise Hurt says:

    Even harder with a large compliment of friends along! Nice shots!


  2. Roger Haines says:

    The Blue Heron was worth the wait! Love the one of it flying!
    And that’s a cool shot of a bald eagle, too!


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