A&W–the last one in Vermont

The mug was frosty and the ice cold root beer tasted just as good as I remembered. This A&W stand, complete with carhops and the trays that attach to your window, is in Middlebury, VT, and is the last one surviving in the state.IMG_0544c IMG_4222c


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3 Responses to A&W–the last one in Vermont

  1. hurt28 says:

    Will have to check that one out! We had one in Nashua when I was a teenager. Fond memories!


  2. Chas Hunt says:

    Hi Ron,
    A & W is one of my favorites also. I researched and there are 14 left in Central Florida. Let’s plan an outing there this winter. Enjoy your summer paddles!



  3. Roger Haines says:

    Awesome discovery, Ron!


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