A Nice Note

I received the following letter last week regarding Day 4 of my 2003 Mississippi River canoe trip and thought it worth sharing.  It gives me a small glimpse of the thoughts of a person I encountered along the way and what he thought of that encounter. That’s a perspective one doesn’t often get.  My only contact with George Weidig after the day he helped me out was my ‘arrived safely’ postcard from New Orleans, but I never knew if it had reached him.

Dear Mr. Haines, 

George Weidig was my husband and I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate you sending the information for your website.  George passed away later in the same year you made your trip.  It happened shortly before your postcard arrived, so he did not get to find out you made it through.  He mentioned you several times and hoped you were having a good trip. He would be delighted to know that you still think of him. He and Dean were both happy that they happened to be in the right place at the right time to help you. 

Thanks, Gayla Weidig


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One Response to A Nice Note

  1. What a wonderful note, Ron… and how nice to know that not only your trip, but this blog you’re doing chronicling your journey had an lasting impact on the people you met. Keep it going! 🙂


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